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Residential emergency generator

Posted on: 04.10.2013

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Mission: Supply and install emergency generator for house supply

Problem: Repetitive power failures

Solution: Supply and install small automatic start three phase silenced emergency diesel generator


The generator eventually arrived after being held up at customs. The automatic transfer switch arrived also and was prepped for installation.

We delivered the generator to site the client kindly off loaded the generator from our trailer with the farm tractor. Once off loaded we lowered it on to a set of rollers and rolled it into the final resting place in the family garage

Once the generator is located in the garage the car was parked in the shed to make sure it would still fit. The automatic transfer switch was fitted to the wall and the interconnected cabling was connected to the main switchboard. The control cable and power cable was connected to the generator.

The Generator was set to auto start and the mains were turned off the house. The generator started and accepted the house load wit in fifteen seconds.  

Problem solved and no more power cuts for the house

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04.10.2013 Residential emergency generator

The missions was to supply and install emergency generator for house supply. The problem the client was experiencing was repetitive power failures. Our solution was to supply and install small automatic start three phase diesel generator