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Generator Power Emergency or back up

Power has become more and more unreliable and more power is required to be available for our busy live's to carry on.

We can design, supply and install generators to suit all requirements, from milking sheds, domestic houses to commercial high rises. They can be located anywhere from the centre of town or on a remote hill out the back off no where. We have the experience to install anywhere and the design skills to meet our clients requests.

The generators can either be pull Start or Auto Electric starting, and can be fueled by petrol or diesel.

Don’t be in the dark call us to keep you powered up!


We can offer: Design - Install - Maintenance - Hireage - After hours support

We can Offer:

  • Diesel - Petrol - LPG
  • Size 1Kwatt to 3Mwatt
  • Camping to Emergency Standby Power
  • Base Tank and Standalone tanks Available
  • Manual to Auto electric start
  • Open, Canopied or Purpose built Container systems are available
  • Engine management  JBus-Ethernet - Kerys
  • Lease options available

Generator Brands    
Honda - Kohler - SDMO - PRAMAC

Engine Brand connected to the Generators
John Deere

Jobs completed



NZ Police Central Police Head Quarters



Wanganui District Council



Local Diary Farms


60kva - 220kva


We custom design generators to suit your house, farm or your business. We investigate what equipment requires powering suitably size the correct capacity generator required for your site. We are able to supply various options when it comes to automatic transfer switches. Synchronisation is available as a option.

We proudly supply and install Kohler, SDMO, Pramac and Honda generators. There are various models to suit homes and offices, farms, schools and commercial buildings

All installations are carried out by qualified registered electricians with more than 28 years experience. We have the right equipment, training and experience to install generators any where any place. We can supply and install extended range fuel tanks, exhaust and automatic transfer switches.

A bi-Annual and annual maintenance plan is essential for your generation plant. This would include full mechanical inspection with engine servicing all done by us. Also included is a comprehensive electrical inspection including functionality and operational checks.

We have refuelling options available as will.

After Hours and Emergency Callout

NO power after hours or has a storm wiped out the power supply again. We have the staff and generators available to get you powered up again. Shops, Houses, Milking sheds and Factories we can power them all up.

Never be in the dark with CME Services on the job.


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