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Grid Connected Solar System

With a Grid Connected Solar Power System you are free to install the system that best suits your needs. Grid connected Solar Power Systems require no changes to your home and place no limitations on your lifestyle or electricity use. They simply integrate directly with your home and generate electricity during the day for use directly inside your home or for export to the grid.

With our teams exstensive experience, we can offer the following Solar Grid Services:
Custom Design - Installation - Inspection - Project management - Supply packages and components

Custom Design
You will sit down with a qualified tradesman not a sales man who will accumulate all the relevant information to custom design a Solar Grid Connect System to suit your home or business.
We design to, reduce or remove from your power account OR gain an income from your Solar Grid Connected System.
We will visit your building to ascertain the best fit for the solar panel on your roof that fits harmoniously with the location of the site.
Size is usually decided by a number of factors, those being - the practical physical size of roof we are attaching to, the budget for the installation and the power usage we are providing generation for.

All installations are carried out by qualified registered electricians with more than 25 years experience. We have the right equipment; training and experience to install Solar Grid Connect Systems. All our equipment meets or exceeds New Zealand standards.

Exporting and Importing Power
If your system is generating more electricity than your home is using the excess is automatically exported to the grid and counted on your electricity meter.  If your home requires more electricity than the solar power system is generating it is automatically imported from the grid and also counted on your meter.  This operation is seamless and entirely handled by the solar power system.

Expected Yields
The yields vary from 2350kWh per annum to 13000kWh per annum dependant on size of system installed and sun hours

Sizing of System
The most common criteria people use to decide on the size of their solar power system are;
Their budget
The available roof space for the system
Their annual electricity consumption and goal to reduce or eliminate their electricity bill.

Sunrise - Solar Panel
SMA  Sunny Boy - Inverter
Iron ridge -  Rail mount system
Outback Inverters
Goodwe Inverters

Solar Panels - 25 years output. 12 years manufacturers warranty
Inverter - 5 years


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